So to wrap up so far: Sodium Hydroxide is sodium, oxygen, and hydrogen that can be purchased as a flake and added to water. When that happens the reaction creates heat and the pH goes up very high. That solution can then be added to the oils and butters to create soap...

So last week I was talking about lye in soap and why it has to be there. Did you know that lye is actually a natural product? It's sodium, oxygen and hydrogen atoms. It 's found in nature, but we usually purchase it from a lab because that way we can make sure it's pur...

I get questions all the time about what we use to make soap. I've had people ask me for soap without lye.  So, I thought I would do a series about that, since lye sounds kind of scary. 

I hated chemistry in high school. No offence, but I have always been that girl...

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