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Plastic microbeads!

I was reading an article tonight about the contamination of our waterways with plastic microbeads from cosmetics. While I knew that what went down the drain ended up in the waterway and ultimately eaten by marine live, I had never thought about the tiny particles in some of the scrubs that I use. If the particles are made of plastic, they are so tiny that they make it through the local filtration systems and end up as plastic in the bottom of our lakes and rivers. One group leading the fight found that 90% of the plastic in one of the great lakes was microbead particles! Those tiny bits of plastic get eaten by fish and then end up in our food chain. It sounds kind of shocking. I was glad that our products don't contain any microbeads. I'm working on a fantastic scrubby soap that is orange scented but the scrub is made of walnut shells and pumice. I have some purple jojoba beads that I'm trying to find a use for also. None of that is plastic, so it will be ok. Now I think I'm going to have to look at all the other products in my cabinets to see what I need to never buy again.

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